Which are The Best Oculus Games (Among US, Quest 2) 

As such, it can be daunting to pick the Best Oculus Games from the ever-expanding library of available VR games. Since the first Oculus Quest headset debuted three years ago, the library of content offerings on the Meta Quest platform has grown exponentially. This makes choosing the best Meta Quest 2 games a challenge. 

Which are The Best Oculus Games

In 2019, the launch of the standalone VR headsets from Meta sparked a revitalization of the entire VR industry, with over 50 apps already available. Since then, a continuous influx of the best from various VR platforms has been released to complement the original batch. Furthermore, the launch of Quest 2 limited in 2020 has also brought countless new opportunities for gaming with VR. However, it cannot be easy with such an extensive selection of VR games.

The best Oculus games depend on your gaming preferences and the type of Oculus device you have. Some popular titles include Beat Saber, Superhot VR, The Climb, Robo Recall, and Space Pirate Trainer. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for other great lists of VR games besides the best one for Quest 2, Among Us VR.

Among US VR 

In 2018, Innersloth released their video game, Among Us, as a free app with optional, purchasable customization features. This game, which many players can enjoy all at once, takes place on a space vessel named the Skeld II, where one or more persons are secretly imposters trying to sabotage the ship and murder the crew.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling experience with Among Us VR! Gather your tasklist, commit the map to memory, limber up your fingers for button-punching, and most importantly, keep your eyes open since no one can be fully trusted as we set out for a trial run of the Skeld II.

Gather your pals and virtual reality equipment for a thrilling ride as you go into the virtual rendition of the beloved multiplayer game for 4 – 10 players. Join forces to finish tasks on a spaceship with Impostors trying to take down everyone before it’s too late. Have the same joy as the classic game and get closer to the action as every detail is up close and personal. This version of Among Us is made exclusively for virtual reality.

Switching It To Online Mode

For online Among Us VR games, there is the choice of short, five-player games with one Impostor or longer matches with multiple Impostors and a greater number of crewmates. Whichever format is chosen, the experience and gameplay remain the same.

There is no clear-cut timeline for how a game is played, but it generally has a certain structure. Impostors can eliminate one crewmate and destroy one part of the ship per round. At the end of each round, the players will come to the cafeteria for an emergency meeting to decide who the Impostors are and then vote out one player. It is uncertain whether the chosen individual is an Impostor or not.

A few aspects of the game make it more challenging. For instance, Impostors can repair sabotages as well as report deceased crewmates. This makes it more difficult for them to be seen as separate from the team. Additionally, repairing sabotages requires standing in one spot and looking at a wall for a while, leaving players open to being killed by an Impostor.

What are Oculus Games?

Oculus Games is a collection of virtual reality games and experiences designed and optimized for Oculus VR headsets. Facebook owns Oculus, a VR technology and hardware brand, and they have their digital store for games and apps called the Oculus Store.

Dive into the exciting world of virtual reality with Oculus Games—an incredible collection of games and experiences designed specifically for use with Oculus VR headsets. Owned by Facebook, Oculus offers a unique digital store full of thrilling apps and entertaining games available through its platform, aptly named the Oculus Store.

Oculus Games are designed to unlock all that virtual reality offers, like 3D environments you can get lost in and interactive controls utilizing your hands. Players can grip, point, shoot, and manipulate objects within these immersive Digital landscapes through the Oculus Touch controllers.

Further, Oculus Games can offer players various engaging and thrilling experiences, from action-packed adventures to strategic puzzle games. Popular titles include Beat Saber, Superhot VR, Vader Immortal, Lone Echo, and Robo Recall – just the tip of the iceberg! Plus, with Oculus’ cross-platform multiplayer feature, you can join forces with other gamers regardless of their headset choice.

How To Buy Games For Oculus Quest 2?

To purchase a game through the Oculus headset, press the Oculus button on the right Touch controller, then select the Store icon, find the game you want, click on the price button, and purchase. To purchase a game through the Oculus app, ensure the Quest or Quest 2 is displayed properly, then select the Store and find the game you want, click on the price button, and purchase.

Which Are Oculus Multiplayer Games?

Several Oculus multiplayer games include Echo VR, The Unspoken Echo em, and Onward. In addition, other popular multiplayer games are available for the Oculus platform, such as Superhot VR, Beat Saber, and Robo Recall seel.

How To Refund Oculus games?

To obtain a refund for a purchase, tap it and select Request Refund. If the game does not meet the requirements for a refund, a message will be shown explaining why. If the game does qualify for a refund, players will be notified that their request has been submitted. After a refund petition is presented, users should be informed within 24 hours if approved.


In the end, Although many schoolers play it, Among Us, VR is an enjoyable, cost-effective experience. It’s a virtual reality game based on a social network with easy-to-learn mechanics. The developers may create separate lobbies for different ages in an upcoming update to address the age issue. Until then, mature and enjoy your video game.

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