What was the founder’s First Working Name for Minecraft?

Whether you’re a child or an adult, we all know and love the classic game of Minecraft. In this guide, I’ll uncover the Minecraft world name or the first working name and its fascinating history – from what gave it its name to who founded it. So explore with me as I delve into the captivating world of Minecraft!

first working name for Minecraft

Minecraft World Name:

At the outset of its creation, Minecraft was known as the ‘Cave Game.’ Unfortunately, the caves still needed to be included in the game, so this name lasted only a short time. The creator, Notch, changed the title to something more suitable, using a blend of the two-game elements to name it – Minecraft.

Although it may seem straightforward, one more name, Notch, was almost used for the game. Minecraft carried the subtitle “Order of the Stone” for a short period, which resonates with many. However, it was eventually discarded, but then it was revived in the lore of Minecraft Story Mode as the Order which originally defeated the Ender Dragon.

What was the Real Name of Mojang?

Mojang began as “Mojang Specifications,” then progressed to “Mojang AB.” However, in 2020 the company decided to rebrand and upgrade its identity, transforming into what we now know today as “Mojang Studios.”

What is Notch’s real name? Who founded Minecraft?

Many people need to realize that Notch, the popular video game Minecraft creator, is really Markus Persson. Jens Bergensten currently designs and maintains Minecraft with his nickname “Jeb.”

What was Minecraft almost called?

Are you among those who don’t know the Minecraft creators’ decision to keep the game’s subtitle as “Order of the Stone”? Don’t worry – you aren’t alone.


The classic block-building game Minecraft, now owned by Microsoft, was created and founded by Markus Persson, better known as Notch. It started with the working name ‘Cave Game,’ which did not last long. After some consideration, it was changed to Minecraft. The subtitle “Order of the Stone” was also considered but eventually dropped, only to be revived in the lore of Minecraft Story Mode. Mojang Specifications has become what we know today as Mojang Studios and has been owned by Microsoft since 2014.

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