How Do I Craft a Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft (PS4,Xbox)

If you’re wondering how to craft a Diamond Pickaxe in the latest version of Minecraft and the difference to the older versions, the durability of this ore has decreased, but it’s still highly sought after. It’s possible to complete the game without creating one. However, it is worthwhile as it remains one of the most effective picks. To make Minecraft pickaxe, you’ll need three diamonds and two sticks; however, in the latest version of the game, you may face a few obstacles.

How do I Craft a Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft

Making a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft is simple: begin by crafting a Crafting Table, then put three Diamonds in the upper slots of the Crafting Table with two Sticks right underneath the middle Diamond. Doing so should result in a drawing that looks like a pickaxe and, if you do everything correctly, will result in the tool crafting.

Crafting a diamond pickaxe is straightforward, and you can make one as soon as you have the required materials. It will be very helpful as it will allow you to break obsidian and build a Nether Portal or an Enchanting Table. Having a diamond pickaxe is unnecessary to make your way through the game. However, it is incredibly helpful for making your survival far more comfortable.

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