How Old is Philza Minecraft? (Pro Gamer)

Philza Minecraft aka “Phil” Watson, a thirty-four-year-old iconic Minecraft content creator, has almost three million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He streams mainly on Twitch, focusing on Minecraft hardcore, and can sometimes be seen during competitive events like the Minecraft championship. Before creating Minecraft videos, Watson used to upload videos about Halo and GTA IV on Youtube. In addition, he is part of a group known as Sleepyboisinc with Wilbur Soot, Technoblade, and Tommyinnit. However, Phil himself first came up with the name Sleepyboisinc.

How Old is Philza Minecraft

Phil enjoys playing Minecraft hardcore and is well-known for the success of one of his hardcore series, which saw him playing for five years. On February 8, 2012, Phil uploaded his inaugural hardcore video to his channel and dubbed it “1minutevideo,” under the impression it’d only last for a minute. Instead, it culminates in his being slain by a skeleton.

Minecraft Hardcore Mode Ep.1

The initial installment of the Minecraft hardcore series 1 premiered a little after the first hardcore video was uploaded on February 14, 2012. This series ran for over a year before ultimately being brought to a close when his hard drive crashed, and he did not die in the world.

Minecraft Hardcore: Series 2 Ep.1

The renowned YouTube gamer Philza launched his iconic hardcore series, “idgaf lfg series two yo,” on April 1, 2014. This series, which lasted five years, contained only fifty-six videos and featured some of the amazing things Phil crafted in his Minecraft world, including Chaos Caverns and Sky City. Unfortunately, Phil tragically died to a spider after taking considerable damage from a baby zombie with gold armor. To commemorate the series, he uploaded a montage of all the creations in his hardcore world, which now has over thirty million views.

Minecraft Hardcore: Series 3 Ep.1 

This series was the briefest hardcore playthrough for Phil, lasting just about a week and a half. However, during his 24-hour stream, he succumbed to the end-dimension glitch. Fortunately, the glitch has now been taken care of, and players no longer have to worry.

Minecraft Hardcore: Series 4 Ep.1

This series, which Phil launched on June 20, 2019, has seventy-five episodes. The last episode to be uploaded was on January 9, 2021.

Phil has been part of every MCC tournament hosted by Noxcrew, apart from the third tournament, where he was occupied with getting married.


Phillip Watson is a famous creator of Minecraft videos on YouTube and Twitch. He has millions of fans and is part of a group called Sleepyboisinc with some of his friends. He also used to upload videos about other games like Halo and GTA.

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