How to Get Scutes in Minecraft (Easy Way)?

While playing Minecraft, one of the handiest items to craft is Scutes. These can be crafted into turtle shells for brewing the powerful potion of Turtle Master! With this useful tool at your disposal, you’ll have an advantage over other players in no time. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to get Scutes in Minecraft.

How to Get Scutes in Minecraft

Where To Find and Get Scutes in Minecraft?

When turtles reach maturity, they shed their scutes and grow ten times larger. The Scute, which is dropped upon reaching adulthood, is a rare item to come across in the Minecraft world and can be used to craft the attractive turtle helmet. This helmet is just as tough as iron helmets, offering two armor points or one full armor icon.

After hatching, the turtles must be aged up to adult size to get scutes. To get scutes in Minecraft, one may breed turtles found in beach and ocean biomes, then Gather the egg using a pickaxe with a silk touch. Once hatched, the turtles must be aged until they reach adulthood size. This process is inconvenient, as turtles spawn away from the player’s base. However, it is possible to move them using a boat.

The turtles’ hatching beach is also where they will come back to lay eggs after reaching maturity, so placing them close to the player’s residence is an efficient way of obtaining more scutes over time.

Additionally, players have the potential to get scutes through trades with cleric villagers, who may be willing to exchange four scutes for a single emerald.


It would be best if you had Scute make a turtle helmet. However, to get Scute, you must wait for baby turtles to grow into adults. When that happens, you get one Scute. This guide will easily help you to get scutes in the Minecraft game.

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