How To Make Lanterns in Minecraft (Easy Way)

The village and pillage update for Minecraft introduced lanterns to the game. Craftable as a decorative block, these simple blocks differ from torches in that they cannot be placed on a wall. Lanterns come in two types: regular and soul. In this guide, I’ll tell you How to make Lanterns in Minecraft.

To craft a lantern, put one torch in the center of a 3×3 crafting grid and fill the rest with eight iron nuggets in the surrounding squares. After that, please pick up the Lantern by selecting it and dragging it into your inventory.

How To Make Lanterns in Minecraft

Crafting Lanterns in Minecraft:

Then, you should gather four iron ingots by mining iron ore blocks. Once you have those, you’ll need to arrange the shape of a square on your crafting table. After placing the nuggets, you’ll see a lantern appear in the adjacent output box. Just grab it, and you’re done!

  • Make a torch; the recipe is simple: you will need a stick and a piece of coal. If needed, a more detailed guide is available to help you.
  • Once you have your torch, iron nuggets are needed. To make them, place one iron ingot in your crafting area, turning it into nine nuggets. You require eight, so there will be an extra left over.
  • You must place the iron nuggets around the torch to complete the task.
  • The fourth step involves getting the Soul Lantern, a version of the regular Lantern with a distinct blue texture.


In Minecraft, players have the opportunity to construct structures as well as traverse and discover new landscapes. You can use lots of different things to light up your base, like torches and blocks of flowstone. You can even craft a Lantern to bring even more light! Not only can light help you see, but it also keeps mobs away.

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